Best Irish Published Book of the Year

Shortlisted 2022

Irish Civil War in Colour by Michael B Barry and John O'Byrne

The Irish Civil War in Colour

By Michael B. Barry and John O’Byrne

Here is the story of Ireland’s Civil War in colour – a defining moment in Irish history brought to life for the first time in hand-coloured photographs. As in all eras of human existence, people living through this turbulent time period lived their lives in colour. With this stunning collection of colourised photographs, the Irish Civil War in Colour helps the story of this complicated conflict to come alive in an accessible and understandable manner. Each image has been painstakingly hand-coloured by John O’Byrne, who has striven to produce the most accurate representation of colour and even maintained the cracks, specks, or photographer’s inscriptions from the original photos. Many of these photographs, carefully selected from wide-ranging archives and private collections, have never been published before. Accompanying captions are packed with information based on years of research by historian Michael B. Barry. The result is a highly informative and engrossing look at the Irish Civil War through words and images, from its beginning to the bitter end

About Michael B. Barry and John O’Byrne...

Michael B. Barry is a historian who has written many books including the bestselling Victorian Dublin Revealed, a trilogy of books on the Irish Revolution period, and the critically acclaimed An Illustrated History of the Irish Revolution 1916–1923.

John O’Byrne is a professional photographer and colouriser. Over the last decade, he has specialised in colourising military scenes from the early twentieth century.

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