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Shortlist 2022

Lessons Frome the Bench by Judge Gillian Hussey

Lessons from the Bench

By Judge Gillian Hussey (ghostwriter Rachel Pierce)

When Gillian Hussey started out in Bridewell District Court in 1984, little did she realise that she would deal with some of the most notorious criminals in Ireland, including the Kinahans, the Cahills, ‘The Monk’ and John Gilligan. 

As one of Ireland’s first female judges, Gillian was very much a woman in a man’s world. Unafraid to look beyond the courtroom, she always sought to better understand the human – not just the criminal – who stood before her in the dock. Through her work, Gillian spent a lifetime learning about people, society and herself. 

This fascinating insight into the career of a trailblazing woman reveals the inner workings of Ireland’s criminal courts, explores the changes in Irish society and shares some timeless truths learned from almost twenty years on the bench. 

About Judge Gillian Hussey (ghostwriter Rachel Pierce)...

Gillian Hussey was a member of the District Court dealing in criminal matters. She worked as a District Judge for 18 years, retiring in 2002. Prior to that she was a solicitor, giving up work when she married and had children. After her marriage failed, she returned to work part-time to support her family, taking up the rare opportunity to work in the criminal courts in 1984. Gillian is a patron of the Crime Victims Helpline, Tiglin Addiction Centre and St James’s Drug Rehabilitation Centre. She lives in Dublin and has three children. 

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