Cookbook of the Year

Shortlist 2022

Lush by Daniel Lambert


By Daniel Lambert

Enter the comfort zone with 100 easy-to-make recipes from Irish social media sensation Daniel Lambert. As an award-winning chef who honed his craft cooking for friends and family, Daniel has shared his unique take on Irish comfort food classics with millions of people around the world – and now you can recreate them, along with dozens of new recipes, at home. Whether it’s Salt and Chilli Chicken for Friday night dinner, Irish-Style Potato Nachos for big nights in, or the ultimate crowd-pleaser, his famous Coca-Cola ribs – so wrong but so, so right – Daniel has something exciting, easy, and delicious for every occasion. So load up your forks and get ready to change the way you eat at home forever: LUSH is the feelgood cookbook you’ve been waiting for.

About Daniel Lambert...

Daniel Lambert is an Irish award-winning chef, who has worked in the professional restaurant industry as senior chef staff for over seven years. He rose to stardom by sharing quick and snappy cookery videos on TikTok, and his channel has since amassed over 315k followers. This is his first cookbook.

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