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The GIY Diaries by Micheal Kelly

The GIY Diaries

By Michael Kelly, illustrated by Sarah Kilcoyne

A Year of Growing and Cooking

Michael Kelly demystifies every month of growing your own food with his new book of invaluable day-to-day lessons, musings and advice from a year in his very own veg patch, providing a timely guide for a grow-it-yourself food revolution from the GIY founder himself.

Beautifully illustrated by Sarah Kilcoyne, The GIY Diaries guides readers through each day of a grow-your-own journey via Kelly’s witty and informative entries on feeding soil, sowing seeds, dealing with fickle weather, harvest highlights, growth expectations and realities, and so much more. Each month features delicious recipes that showcase how to make the most of every season’s harvest, making every step from seed to table accounted for.

The GIY Diaries is accessible, encouraging, educational and relatable, while also providing personally actionable solutions against current issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss and rising costs of living and of food. Kelly’s expertise on homegrown produce, passion for teaching others, and devotion to expanding a more sustainable food model results in this definitive guide to growing – and cooking – it yourself.

About Michael Kelly, illustrated by Sarah Kilcoyne...

Michael Kelly is the founder of GIY, a social enterprise that helps people learn to grow their own food. Started in Waterford in 2008, over 1 million people now take part in a GIY programme each year. Michael is also presenter/producer of Grow, Cook, Eat, GIY’s primetime TV series with 12 million viewers to date on RTÉ and Amazon Prime. An Ashoka Fellow and member of the Irish Food Writers Guild, Michael has written five books about food, as well as food columns for, The Irish Times, The Irish Independent and Food & Wine Magazine. He lives in Dunmore East with his wife Eilish and two young GIYers.

The GIY Diaries is illustrated by Sarah Kilcoyne, a painter-illustrator from Tipperary, Ireland. She is now based in Berlin, Germany.

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