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Shortlisted 2021


By Dermot Whelan

Unwreck your head, de-stress your life

In 2007, comedian and broadcaster Dermot Whelan arrived at a comedy festival in an ambulance after having a panic attack en-route. Realising this was not a sustainable way to travel to future gigs, he decided to become a meditation teacher and learn how to de-stress without annoying the emergency services. Telling Dermot’s own story and offering useful everyday tips and techniques,

Mindfull is his funny and accessible guide to meditation. If you feel like you’ve lost touch with the happier version of yourself and would like to:

Sleep better
Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression
Have more patience with the people you love
Feel less ‘meh’
Enjoy life more

… this book is for you.

About Dermot Whelan...

Dermot Whelan is an award-winning radio and TV presenter, comedian, public speaker, meditation expert and midlife skateboarder. He currently hosts the popular ‘Dermot and Dave’ show on Today FM. Dermot is also a certified ‘Masters of Wisdom and Meditation’ teacher and works with all kinds of companies and organisations around the world, helping them to understand and manage stress. He likes golf, Munster Rugby and any TV show with Vikings in it.

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