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Climate Worrier by Colm O'Regan

Climate Worrier

By Colm O'Regan

A Hypocrite’s Guide to Saving the Planet

Don’t worry, this isn’t a book telling you how to live off the grid and make your own planet-friendly soap from woodlice (that’s the sequel). Instead, Climate Worrier is about the journey, about trying (and often failing) to be part of the solution to the big issues, while not despairing at the endless hypocrisies that come from also being part of the problem. It’s about trying to be become the greenest version of yourself; about joining the ranks of those who give a shit and do a bit.

So if you’ve fretted about:

– using your diesel car to get closer to nature,

– eating your ethical food off a plastic plate,

– existing

and have a general feeling we’re all doing too little, too late, Climate Worrier is the book for you.

About Colm O'Regan...

Colm O’Regan is the author of six best-selling fiction and non-fiction books including Bolloxology and The Book of Irish Mammies. As a stand-up comedian, he has performed all over the world and has featured on RTÉ’s Late Late Show . He writes a weekly column for the Irish Examiner and has written regular radio and TV diaries for RTE Radio 1’s Drivetime and BBC World Service’s In The Balance. He lives in Dublin with his family.

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