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Still Points by Brother Richard

Still Points

By Brother Richard

A Guide to Living the Mindful Meditative Way

In an uncertain world, we all seek a sense of security and inner peace. In Still Points: A Guide to Living the Mindful Meditative Way shows us how to achieve this, simply by following a daily spiritual practice. In doing so, we enter into a deep connection to sacred stillness, revealing to us the beauty within the present moment.

In a book that can be followed throughout the year, or dipped in and out of to find ‘still points’ in times of distraction and worry, Brother Richard brings us on a transformative journey of meditation, poetry and sacred pause, enabling us to experience a sense of peace, happiness and belonging in our lives.

About Brother Richard...

Brother Richard Hendrick OFM Cap is a priest-friar of the Irish branch of the Capuchin Franciscan order. For over 20 years, he has worked to bring the insights of the Christian contemplative tradition to greater public awareness, particularly with reference to modern mindfulness theory.

His poem ‘Lockdown’, reflecting on the early experience of the Covid-19 pandemic, went viral and was featured by both the BCC and CNN as well as translated into over 26 languages, inspiring two short films and a number of pieces of music.

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